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(12/15/2017) In celebration of 400,000 website visitors since 2005! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! ThreePeace has republished a completely new website. The mobile app is currently under construction and few pages on the site too, so thanks for your patience while the site is completed. The band enters the studio on Sunday to begin recording their 6th studio album. More news soon!

(12/14/2017) After a full season of live gigs ThreePeace is preparing to enter the studio for the winter to begin recording their 6th studio album at Curly's Cafe! The band expects to have the project released late in 2018. it will be Gilligan's first album with ThreePeace. This album comes on the heels of Northern Shore which has done very well on Spotify and ITunes!

(11-15-2017) ThreePeace will be featured on The Local Scream Radio Show Flint Michigan tune in 12-3pm on Sunday November 25th to check out all the awesome talent the Michigan area has to offer!

(9-2-2017) ThreePeace will headline Marleyfest at Churchill's Bar and Grill on October 14th, 2017 - Doors at 8pm - Special Guests Happy Curmudgeons.

(7-16-2017) ThreePeace will perform at the Cheesburger Festival Boat Jam on Sand Point on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 

(6/25/2017) Jim "Gilligan" Lorang has joined ThreePeace and is now playing bass guitar with the band. The band is currently practicing for live shows this summer. To find out the Tour Dates Check this link on the Facebook Page for any updates to the schedule. Click the Facebook Logo. Click The Facebook Logo For ThreePeace Live Events Page or Just Visit the Irie Vibes Link at the top of the page!

(4/28/2016) Happy Day! Northern Shore is available for release World Wide today at CDBaby.Com, also in partnership with Spotify it is up and posted there as well. To visit CDBaby.Com Click Here, To visit our Spotify Album Page Click Here! The album will be on iTunes and most other digital music services in the next few weeks. Peace and One Love, Unity!

(4/20/2016) THREEPEACE has released the cover art for the their 5th studio album due for release in May. The album will be called "Northern Shore" contains 13 all original tracks including two bonus demo version as well. The cover was hand painted by Big R and Leftee just as was the case on the Vapor Trails album. More information soon on the official release right here!

(11/20/2015) THREEPEACE is currently in the studio finishing up their new album Northern Shore which will be released early in 2016 features many rock and reggae grooves continuing to promote the concepts of Unity and One Love! Thanks for stopping by!

(6/20/2014) THREEPEACE New album Vapor Trails has been sent out for Digital Release we expect the album to be available on CDBaby.Com, ITunes, Spotify and many other digital distribution sources over the next couple weeks. The album was 5 years in the process. We are all thrilled that it is finally done and on it's way to you! That makes the 3rd album release in 2014! Glad to have the ship back on track. THREEPEACE is also in the studio working on the next album currently. Here is the album cover painted by Big R & Leftee! Stay tuned to the News page for specific release information in the coming weeks.

(6/18/2014) Limited Edition THREEPEACE Vinyl Album release of "The Positive Vibration Session" Now Available! Click Here to visit the link to get instructions on how to place and order for this limited edition THREEPEACE Vinyl! Our very first Vinyl Release. (Item is Sold Out Thanks for your Support)

ThreePeace - (6/18/2014) The Positive Vibration Session Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing (Sold Out)

(4/3/2014) ThreePeace will be featured guests at 2nd & Charles in Auburn Hills Michigan on Saturday April 19th, 2014. They will be handing out 100 free promotional copies featuring songs from their upcoming new album "ThePositive Vibration Session" and others. ThreePeace will appear from 1pm-3pm. Here is a picture of the promotional disc that will be handed out. Hope to see you there!

2nd & Charles - 3924 Baldwin Road - Auburn Hills, Mi 48326 - (248) 858-7128

(1/13/2014) ThreePeace has released the Greatest Hits - Pieces of Three is a compilation of the best ThreePeace songs remastered from the albums "Empire Of The Sun", "For the Love of the Rastaman" and "Messengers Of Thyatira. All songs on this Greatest Hits compilation have been digitally remastered from the original recordings. This process was done by the professionals at Channel Fuse Media in Memphis, Tennessee. ThreePeace fans have long been asking for a greatest hits compilation. The band excited to get back to their mission of promoting One Love and Unity among all the brothers of man. In order to restore a collective unity to the three albums these tracks are taken from great effort was done during mastering to make them a collective unit by sonically improving all the tracks, while also making this a collection of great songs which stand on their own as one unit. Click Here To Download the Songs!

(1/10/2014) ThreePeace has released a collection called "The Positive Vibration Session". The Positive Vibration Session was recorded in 2007 at Positive Vibration Studios in Grand Blanc, Michigan. ThreePeace Music is rooted in the cause of moving our World forward with Peace, Acceptance and One Love, as the great Bob Marley did before them. The band is going through a revival of sorts finding that the sounds of analog tape and spontaneous recordings made for the some of the best jam sessions. While sessions like these lend themselves to musical mistakes at times, it also that atmosphere which creates the best space for being in the spirit, going with the flow. This was the initial concept of the "Empire of the Sun" album itself. Often when you overdo the perfection with countless overdubs, you kill the spirit of the recording. This project is a collection of Reggae Rock with a Punk edge which ThreePeace is known for. On this 6 song compilation the band covers the Bob Marley Classics "Stir It Up" and "War", as well as songs from the ThreePeace album "Empire of the Sun". ThreePeace influences musically are many and include the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other Classic Reggae artists, as well as Classic Rock and New Wave influences like The Police and The English Beat. The band believed that this project sounded like a an old vinyl album bootleg and thus that is exactly how it will be released in limited edition in the coming months. New of this will be published here, also soon to be released ThreePeace Greatest Hits - Pieces of Three. Click Here to Download the Positive Vibration album now!

Vinyl Pressing Sold Out Thanks for your Support! You can still download at Itunes.Com or CDBaby.Com!

 (11/19/2012) Leftee will be assembling a Spotify playlist each week on his Facebook Page call the Leftee's Irie Vibes Show. New playlists will be posted weekly on his Facebook Page, and also acrchieved on the ThreePeace website on the Leftee Page! Check it out!

(1/12/12) Leftee Releases Leftee's Greatest Hits Volume One on CDbaby.Com. The album covers songs recorded pre ThreePeace and covers the years from 1984-2004. Features performances by Jim Lorang, Mr X, Patrick Cronley, Nick Calandro, Mike Anderson, Jeff Warner, Shawn "Thunder"Wallace, Danielle Brownfield, Mike Duncan, Timothy Link, Tim Baum, Brett Rominger. The songs on the project generally point to a huge Bob Marley and Police influence. Just Click the CDbaby.Com Link.

(12/1/11) Vdub has left ThreePeace and will now be inducted into the ThreePeace hall of fame. Click here to visit his page. The band would like to thank him to his contributions to the upcoming album and live shows in the past. More news soon on changes to the ThreePeace lineup.

(10/18/11) ThreePeace has completed the video for their song "Pyroclastic Flow - Roots, Rock, Reggae dedication to Bob Marley!

(6/29/11) ThreePeace will be playing the Marley Sunfest Reggae Beach Party at Bullfrog's on M-15 in Ortonville, Michigan on Saturday July 23rd! Come on out and get your Marley groove on! Bring your friends! Here is the link to the event on Facebook! Click Here!

(3/21/11) ThreePeace has released their YouTube Video Clip dedicated to the history of the Detroit Red Wings. The song covers the complete history of the Detroit Red Wings - Past, Present and Future!

  (3-10-11) ThreePeace has released their cover version of Bob Marley's Classic Stir It Up which will be released soon on Itunes.Com and also on CDBaby.Com and many, many, other media outlets. Click Here to Check It Out! Big R is currently in Jamaica visiting the mausoleum of the legendary Bob Marley! Enjoy! Irie Mon!

 (10-10-10) ThreePeace has released the song Hockeytown - Lets Go Red Wings dedicated to the history of the Detroit Red Wings. ThreePeace is allowing free downloads from the Hockeytown Page (Click Here) for a limited time. The song has been mastered at Channel Fuse Media in Memphis, Tn. and will now be sent to Itunes.Com and CDBaby.Com for World-Wide release. The song will also be on the upcoming ThreePeace album which will be released in 2011.

(9/16/10) ThreePeace has completed the recording of their new song "Hockeytown - Let's Go Red Wings" which is dedicated to our local hometown greats. The song lays out a complete history of Red Wing lore. The is written for all fans of the Red Wing Wheel! The song will now be sent to Memphis, Tenn. for mastering, and then will be released as a single on Itunes. ThreePeace continues to work on their 4th studio album and expect to be completed by the end of the year. We will announce the release of the new song soon! Stay tuned!

(7/11/2010) ThreePeace will be perfoming at the North Island Michigan Boat Jam in the harbor of North Island on July 24th, 2010, the island is located just west of of Caseville. The event can only be accessed by boat and ThreePeace encourages all boats to anchor off North Island and enjoy the reggae and rock! The event is scheduled for 1pm to 5pm weather permitting. See you there!

(3/25/10) ThreePeace has started the ThreePeace Radio Podcast here on www.ThreePeace.Org ! Just visit the Podcast Link on the left hand side of the page. The band is recording these podcasts to share in the songwriting and further enhance the ThreePeace message. We believe it is through these online Podcasts that our Rock and Reggae grooves will begin to Catch A Fire! ThreePeace continues recording their upcoming 4th studio album and are 5 songs into the project currently. More news soon and updates on live shows this summer!

(12/3/09) Vdub Medalle in serious car accident on way to recording session with ThreePeace. All X Rays were negative and he will be on the mend. Live each day people as if it is your last, you never know how long you have in this life. ThreePeace will return to the studio as soon as Vdub is able. Best wishes from the ThreePeace family for a speedy recovery for Vdub. Much Thanks to Independence Township Fire Department and Oakland County Sheriffs for their outstanding response time on coming to the rescue for Vdub! Much Appreciation.

(11/09/09) Thanks to Becca Medalle for the Photo Submissions now featured on our Photos Page Click Here to see them! These were from the New York - New York gig back  in September.

(10/17/09) ThreePeace is currently rehearsing for their new album which they will begin in November 2009 and continue recording throughout the winter of 2009-2010. The band is anticipating this CD being an extended release with at least 13 songs. ThreePeace is looking forward to highlighting the bass playing of their new member Vdub on the new album. The band has mentioned this album will have more of a rock edge and will contain elements of punk rock and of course their signature reggae groove.

(8/30/09) Live performance clip of Irie - One World posted to YouTube.Com from last nights performance at the Ritz in Warren, Michigan. This was Vdub's first gig with ThreePeace. Clip submitted by Tina Sheehan. View the Clip here www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-5axfHSD34 or just visit the Video Page.

(8/22/09) Vdub's official ThreePeace page is now published. Read the Vdub Story on ThreePeace's newest Member! 

(7/3/09) Leftee and Vdub of ThreePeace were special guests of the English Beat at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan on their latest tour of America. Here are a couple of photos of our boys from ThreePeace along with Dave Wakeling of the English Beat. Buy all the English Beat songs you can get! The songs of the English Beat have had an influence on ThreePeace since back in the 1980's! Much appreciation from ThreePeace to Dave and the entire band! What a great night! Click on the English Beat Logo below and go check them out on MySpace!

(6/27/08) ThreePeace has been added to Clear Channel Communications Iheartradio.com! Help the band get more airplay in the United States by visiting their page. The band was submitted through WIOT Radio in Toledo, Ohio.

(6/16/09) ThreePeace has confirmed they will be playing the Ritz in Warren Michigan on August 29, 2009. Visit the official ThreePeace MySpace page for more information about the show at www.myspace.com/threepeacerocks.

(6/8/09) Steve "Vdub" Medalle is now the Official Bass Player for ThreePeace and has joined the group. Vdub will have is own page in the Band Members page soon. ThreePeace is honored to have Vdub providing the solid bass foundations for the band. The band is currently rehearsing for summer shows. Details will be announced here on ThreePeace.Org soon. The ThreePeace Official Lineup is now , Big R on the Guitar, Leftee on Drums and Lead Vocals, Vdub on the Bass Guitar!

(6/4/09) Steve "Vdub" Medalle, bass guitar legend was rumored rehearsing with ThreePeace last night. Vdub was in a band called "Not Quite" with Leftee back in High School at Powers High School in Flint, Michigan - back in the 80's. Rumors are leaking out from a closed practice session the band held last night. The practice was a ThreePeace Reunion as Raul was back from Hawaii, and participated with songs such as Empire of the Sun, Pyroclastic Flow and Bob Marley's Stir It Up! Inside reports have the band running through some 13 songs over the course of a couple of hours. Leftee was back on the drums after a few years of playing bass guitar for the band. All our information points to a new permanent member of ThreePeace! Stay tuned for more information in the coming days here at www.threepeace.org!

(6/1/09) Session Drummer Mr X is the second member inducted into the ThreePeace Hall of Fame for his contributions to the band. He was featured as drummer on the "Empire of the Sun" Album and also the song "A Little Reggae Rock" from the Rastaman album. He also provided solid rhythms for the band on the drums at many live shows. His jersey has been retired and Placed in the ThreePeace Hall of Fame. He will be missed. ThreePeace is currently in the process of adding a permanent member to the band. Stay tuned for news of the new ThreePeace member to be announced very soon!

(4/16/09) ThreePeace now saving the World through Rock and Reggae Music on Twitter.Com, just visit the site at www.twitter.com/threepeace and become a Twitter follower of ThreePeace! Blessings to you!

(4/1/09) ThreePeace has announced that the next project will be a Greatest Hits Compilation released later in 2009. Due to recent success of the band around the World, it has been decided this will be a good time to release a album of the finest cuts from the first three albums. The band has also mentioned they will re-enter the recording studio later this summer to record two new tracks just for this project. The tentative plans for the ThreePeace Greatest Hits CD Collection is a release in the Fall of 2009!

(2/8/09) ThreePeace jammed at the Marley Fest at the Ritz in Detroit on Feb 7 in honor of Bob Marley's Birthday. The band was honored to play such an event in the name of their hero. The Band will now be taking an extended break from ThreePeace after over 3 and a half years of intense creation. Having released 3 albums over the past 3 years, the bands feels the time is now for a creative break from ThreePeace to ensure the future integrity of the music.

(1/28/09) ThreePeace will be featured again on KUAC in Alaska this Friday Night on the Round Midnight Riddims Show. ThreePeace fans are singing the praises of Host Alaska Jahn Lysen for being a radio pioneer! Tune in to www.kuac.org to get into the spirit on Friday January 30th, 2009 for another great show!

(1/20/09) ThreePeace Concert  Page has been added to the Website. The First Concert is Live at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. Click Here to visit the ThreePeace Concert Page and Download the MP3 tracks for Free!

(1/17/09) ThreePeace will be featured on the award winning Alaska Radio Show at Midnight Alaska time this Friday Jan 16, 2009. The Round' Midnight Riddims Show with Host Alaska Jahn is a spiritual tribute to all things Rhythm. Visit www.kuac.org to hear this live streaming broadcast. ThreePeace fans have been enjoying Johns brand of radio which is nothing like commercial radio in any way. His Public Broadcast goes straight to the heart of what ThreePeace music stands for. Much Thanks to Alaska Jahn from ThreePeace!!

(12/16/08) The New ThreePeace album "Messengers of Thyatira" has been released. To purchase the CD just click on the ThreePeace CD Link. The CD will be available from a multitude of Digital Media Providers in the Coming Months.

ThreePeace will also be playing two Rock and Reggae Festivals in the Detroit Area in the Near Future.

Marley Rock and Reggae Jam at the Machine Shop in Flint Michigan - Friday January 2, 2009 with The Process, Lake Effect and Red Herring

Marleyfest at the Ritz in Warren Michigan - Saturday February 7, 2009 with with The Process, Lake Effect, Red Herring, Mind Control Project, Arcadia, Stamp'd.

(12/08/08) ThreePeace will be performing live at The Machine Shop in Flint Michigan on Friday January 2 2009. We will be giving away 10 tickets to the first ten fans that respond. Simply visit the myspace ThreePeace page at www.myspace.com/threepeacerocks and send us a mail with the subject of "Machine Shop Ticket Giveaway". Please include you Name and Address so we can mail the tickets to you. First 10 to respond will get the tickets!

(9/18/08) The new ThreePeace album "Messengers of Thyatira" will be released later this fall and the mastering is almost complete.

(8/22/08) Bush Wacked Officially Released Today! The World is getting Bush Wacked Take it on Back!

(8/20/08) Free Downloads of the last ThreePeace album "For the Love of the Rastaman" until the release of the new ThreePeace album. Just visit the CD Page (Click Here) and Click on any of the tracks on the Rastaman album for free .mp3 downloads. Once the new album is released it will be available for free downloads for a period of three months. ThreePeace is allowing free downloads to help promote the message of World Peace around the globe.

(8/13/08) ThreePeace needs your vote for Best Rock Band in Michigan. Please visit MusicMates.Com to cast your vote. You do not need to enter any personal information of any type. Just click on ThreePeace and then click the Vote Button. Here is the link to cast your vote. www.musicmates.com/vote.php?question=22

You can also vote for Big R for Michigan's Best Guitarist at www.musicmates.com/vote.php?question=722

You can also vote for Leftee for Michigan's Best Drummer at www.musicmates.com/vote.php?question=822

(6/1/08) ThreePeace has just released news that their new album "Messengers of Thyatira" will be completed in July to coincide with the bands MySpace Music Calendar Page. The band has decided to allow complete free downloads of the album from the Official ThreePeace Website at www.ThreePeace.Org  for a period of Three Months. The band has decided to allow free downloads in order to spread the message of Peace across this World through their music. The band is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the album which will be mixed and mastered soon! Stay tuned for more news on the official release date.

(3/01/08) ThreePeace continues to work on their third album tentatively titled "Messengers of Thyatira". The band is currently constructing a new state of the art digital studio in Otter Lake, Michigan called Mt. Zion Recording Studio. The band will be finishing their new album in then next few months. The new CD from ThreePeace is scheduled for a Fall 2008 Release. A very good review of the Rastaman album has been added to Band Reviews page. Thanks to Matt from Hussieskunk.Com for the very positive review.

(12/03/07) The Official MySpace Music Calendar is Complete and now available. The calendar feature ThreePeace for the Month of July 2008. ThreePeace is honored to be featured on the calendar alongside so many talented musicians. The band is thrilled to have been chosen for the calendar out the thousands of bands on MySpace. To purchase the calendar just click on the MySpace Music Calendar Logo below.ThreePeace continues to work on their third album which will be released in 2008. Thanks to all of the fans World Wide for your continued support!

(10/27/07) ThreePeace continues to work on their new album which will be released in 2008. They have been in the recording studio for the past couple of months working on the project. The band is working on a few acoustic tracks which will be considered for the new album.

(9/18/07) ThreePeace has just posted user submitted video clips on the video page here at threepeace.org. Click here to see the clips. There is a new ThreePeace channel being created for ThreePeace Videos on YouTube.Com, news will be released upon completion. The songs put up on the video page include Austin's City Limits featuring the Guitar of Big R, A previously unreleased song called " Red, Yellow, Green" which was recorded in Rehearsals  for the "Rastaman" Album. There is also a version of Pyroclastic Flow / Roots, Rock, Reggae posted on the page! Check em out!

(9/11/07) ThreePeace has just finished the editing of the "Empire Of The Sun" Music video. The video was shot on location in Empire, Michigan in the heart of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The final cut has been published on YouTube. You can check it out by visiting the ThreePeace Video Page (Click Here).

(9/4/07) ThreePeace was in Empire Michigan last week filming a video for their song "Empire of the Sun", which was the song that got the whole ThreePeace ball rolling. The band took a collection of photos for use in the video and the those can now be viewed by visiting the photos page (Click Here). The band continues to work on their new album which is scheduled for a January 2008 Release.

(8/28/07) ThreePeace has been selected as one of twelve bands to be featured on the 2008 MySpace Music Calendar. The band will be doing a photo shoot in Northern Michigan this week. The MySpace Music Calendar is featuring Artists who sing songs for a cause. ThreePeace is honored to be featured on the Calendar!

(8/3/07) Leftee will be the new bass player for ThreePeace. Currently Leftee has been playing the Drums with ThreePeace on live gigs. With the hole left in the band with Raul departing to Hawaii the band had some serious thinking to do. After much thought the decision was made for Leftee to move to the Bass Guitar from the drums. He has played Bass on all of the ThreePeace albums, so this seemed like the best fit. Mr X Session Drummer on the "Empire of the Sun" Album will be the new drummer for ThreePeace. This current confiuration of ThreePeace is the original band members who started this group over twenty years ago. Mr X is a very talented drummer who has done outstanding drumming with his previous band "Gene Pool". His influences are Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Stewart Copeland and Neil Peart! Click here to visit Mr X's new page. ThreePeace  would like this time to once again thank Raul for his outstanding contributions to ThreePeace! You will be missed! Leftee's final gig on the drums will be Saturday in Bay Port at the Raul Fare The Well gig for the Fish Sandwich Festival.

(8/1/07) ThreePeace will be holding Bass Player Auditions over the next month. Raul has moved to Hawaii. We wish him the best of luck on his new surrounding. Doesn't sound so bad! We would like to thank Raul for his dedication to ThreePeace over the past two years. ThreePeace will be holding Bass Player Auditions in the near future. Please Visit The Bass Auditions page for more info and to submit a demo by email. Come out and watch Raul's Final Gig with ThreePeace This weekend at The Fish Sandwich Festival in Bay Port Michigan at 7pm on Front Street.

(7/12/07) Attention ThreePeace Fans!  Please vote for ThreePeace in the Fox Rocks Detroit Band Contest. The Winning Band will open up for Def Leppard and Styx at DTE Energy Music Theater. You can vote once per day for the next 5 days. We need all of your support! There are over 200 bands in the mix. Cast your vote for ThreePeace Now! Thanks from the all of us!

(6/26/07) Big R has released a new CD of previous works with a band called The Rasta's where his musical journey began with Leftee. Selections on this CD go back to 1987 and explore the Punk Rock roots of ThreePeace. You can order the CD by visiting Big R's Official Page (Click Here)

ThreePeace has entered the studio and started work on their 3rd album which is tentatively titles "Bush Wacked". Currently they have recorded the basics for 5 new tracks and have a bunch more to go. The new album is scheduled to be released in January of 2008.

(5/24/07) Leftee's Greatest Hits Volume 1 will be featured on KUAC in Fairbanks Alaska on this Friday Evenings Round Midnight Riddims Show with host Alaska Jahn Lysen. Tune in for Leftee's music.......The show will also feature Live music from Ziggy Marley as an added bonus. Tune in to kuac.org to listen to the broadcast. The program will be broadcast at 2-5am EST. Alaska Jahn is a true Radio Pioneer able to transport his listeners straight to Alaska via the internet and his creative genius. Tune in for a special Treat!!

(5/02/2007) A new ThreePeace Videos page has been created. Recently Crystal Pyramid Productions of San Diego California inquired to the band for the use of the song "Gone Away" for one of their impeccable video productions, of course the band said yes. The project was edited by Patty Mooney and has the bands seal of approval. It is published on YouTube, but you can view it by visiting the ThreePeace Videos page (Click Here). The band wishes to thank Patty and the staff of Crystal Pyramid Productions for selecting ThreePeace for their videos. Please support them if you can! www.crystalpyramid.com

(3/27/07) Leftee's Greatest Hits Volume 1 has been released for Mail Order. The Disc contains material from Leftee's past which spans all the way back to the 80's and continues on to the present time with ThreePeace. Leftee was involved in the remastering of the project. He has left a commentary about the project on his page at  the link above. Big R will now assemble a similar project of his past works.

ThreePeace continues to work in the studio on their new DVD project.

(2/26/07) ThreePeace will begin rehearsals this week for the first video shoot for their new live DVD which will be assembled in 2007. The DVD will feature Live music as well as up to 4 music videos from the past two ThreePeace albums. The band has mentioned that some new material will also be featured on the new DVD. The band will enter the Studio in late March to begin work on the new project.

(2/19/07) ThreePeace has just created a Bonus Tracks page! This will be the place to go to get rare recordings or unrelesed material the band would like to share with their fans. The first bonus track is ThreePeace featured on KUAC Round Midnight Riddims show. The show featured the ThreePeace song Prince William Sound and was dedicated to the memory of the horrific oil spill which blanketed Prince William Sound back in the late 1980's. Click Here to visit the new Bonus Tracks Page!

(2/4/07) ThreePeace is distributing their new album "For The Love of the Rastaman"  to radio and media outlets across the country. We would like to thank them all for considering ThreePeace for their stations. The band  would also like to invite any of these stations to contact us with news of the airplay to be posted here on ThreePeace.org! The band is always eager to provide interviews, so please feel free to request one if you would like to know more! Thanks again for your continued support!

(1/31/07) ThreePeace will be featured on KUAC in Alaska. The Round Midnight Riddims Show with Host Alaska Jahn is one of the most unique broadcasts you will ever hear. Alaska Jahn features many music genres on his program weekly. This week sit back as Jahn takes you on a musical journey which will include a tribute to Bob Marley's Birthday. ThreePeace will be featured on the show. If you haven't tuned in yet your missing a true radio Pioneer in action. Alaska Jahn winner of the Spirit of KUAC Award in 2006! Visit the KUAC website at: www.kuac.org. Click on the link to hear the live simulcast over the internet. The program will be broadcast at 2-5am EST Sat Feb 3. 2007. Brew some coffee and sit back on the journey to Alaska and beyond!

(1/27/07) Congratulations to ThreePeace on the World Wide release of their new album "For the Love of the Rastaman" The CD is available here by visiting the ThreePeace CD Page. You can also buy the CD directly from the bands Official Myspace Music Site at www.myspace.com/threepeacerocks. The CD will be available from a multitude different digital distributors in the coming weeks. Any news of that will be published here!

(1/21/07) ThreePeace is being featured on StingUs.Net (A Sting Fan site in Europe). Visit the website at www.stingus.net ThreePeace is honored to be featured again on StingUs. Thanks to Karel Van Isacker of StingUs for his help!

In other news, Everything is on track for a January 29th release or sooner. Check Back!

ThreePeace would also like to thank the staff of DiscMakers for their wonderful assistance on the CD Duplication. We would specifically like to thank Steve Parry and Christina Tapia for their professional services. Check out DiscMakers at www.discmakers.com.

(1/09/07) The New CD "For the Love of the Rastaman" is complete! Shipment will arrive at various outlets for a Jaunuary 29th, 2007 Release. The CD will be available here on Jaunuary 29th or Sooner! Thanks the new Official ThreePeace Myspace page is located at www.myspace.com/threepeacerocks. The myspace page is maintained by the band members themselves! They wish to thank you for your continued support!

(12/29/06) ThreePeace Official Myspace CD Giveaway.  The new ThreePeace CD "For the Love of the Rastaman" will be given away through a contest on the bands Official Myspace site at www.myspace.com/threepeacedotorg. In other news, Big R and Leftee now have myspace pages. For Big R's Myspace guitar page go to www.myspace.com/bigrguitar. For Leftee's Official Myspace Page go to www.myspace.com/lefteerocks.

ThreePeace "For the Love of the Rastaman" album art has been approved for the project. The project is now off for duplication. The album will be released on January 20, 2007 and then will be distributed throughout the World. You will be able to purchase the CD here once it becomes available.

(12/01/06) ThreePeace has cracked the top 50 most played artists on hussieskunk.com. Hussieskunk is a Punk Rock Alternative website which features independent and national bands. ThreePeace is currently #26 of the top 50 most played bands on Hussieskunk. Visit their website at www.hussieskunk.com.

(11/15/06) ThreePeace will be featured on the Livingston Underground Radio Program on Sunday November 19th from 10pm-12am. The program can be heard in the Howell Michigan area on your FM Dial at 93.5. The show is also simulcast over the WHMI website at www.whmi.com. Thanks to Mitchell Ling from ThreePeace for featuring the band on the show.

(11/04/06) ThreePeace has just completed Licensing issues regarding the cover songs that will be on the new album "For the Love of the Rastaman". The songs are "War" and "Roots,Rock,Reggae" as performed by Bob Marley and "One World (Not Three) as performed by the Police. These songs are all tributes to the bands heroes Bob Marley and The Police, and follow the Love of the Rastaman Theme. The album will have plenty of original Rock songs blended with the Jamaican Reggae beat that ThreePeace has become known for. Unlike Empire of the Sun the bands first release, this album will have plenty of hard driving Alternative grooves for your listening pleasure. Now that the licensing issues are completed the songs samples will now appear for the cover tracks on the ThreePeace CD andLyric Page. Everything is green lights for the duplication of the new album. We anticipate a December release for the new album "For the Love of the Rastaman.".

(9/18/06) Thanks to all of the fans World Wide who have passed the ThreePeace website over the 20,000 visitor mark in just 10 months. We would also like to thank all of you who came out to Billy's Roadhouse in Mt. Morris, Michigan this past weekend for Customer Appreciation Day. It was a great jam out on the Tiki Bar. ThreePeace performed 22 songs over 3 sets. The band looks forward to playing at Billy's again in the future. Everything remains on schedule for a late fall release for the new ThreePeace Album "For the Love of the Rastaman". Tickets are still available for the Roctoberfest in Otter Lake, Michigan (Saturday October 21, 2006).

(8-30-06) 1st Annual Roctoberfest in Otter Lake, Michigan. Featuring Live Rock and Reggae by ThreePeace. Saturday October 21, 2006 (4-10pm) * 13388 Henderson Rd. Otter Lake, Mi. * Food and Soft Drinks Available *Outdoor Fall Party  *Tickets $10 (Limited to 80)  * CD Raffle Giveaway  * Classic Rock and Reggae in Set Breaks.  Come Join ThreePeace for an afternoon of Jammin’ Classic Rock and Reggae at the first annual Roctoberfest in Otter Lake, Michigan.

Directions : Take M-15 North of Davison, continue on M-15 through Otisville until you come to Lake Rd.( about 2 miles North of Otisville)  Take a Right on Lake Rd. Continue on Lake Rd. for about 2 miles to Henderson Rd. Take a Right on Henderson Rd. The party is ¼ mile down on your Left hand side.

(8-20-06) ThreePeace has joined the cyber revolution which is Myspace.com.  You can visit the ThreePeace Myspace site at: http://www.myspace.com/threepeacedotorg. There is a sound sample on the page of "Lay My Life Down" from the upcoming album "For the Love of the Rastaman". ThreePeace welcomes all the Myspace members  to ThreePeace.Org.

(7-24-06) ThreePeace has finished the Recording and Mastering of their new album "For The Love of the Rastaman", the project has now been sent off for duplication for release in fall 2006. The band has released song clips on the ThreePeace CD's Page (Click Here). This is your only place to hear the new song clips.  Here are the album liner notes as they will appear on the album cover. ThreePeace "For The Love of the Rastaman" is the follow-up album to the Michigan Bands first release "Empire Of The Sun", which received World-Wide airplay and many positive reviews. "For The Love of the Rastaman" is dedicated to the bands musical heroes Bob Marley & The Police. ThreePeace tips their musical hats to the great bands with covers of Marley's "War" & " Roots Rock Reggae", and a stunning version of The Police song "One World / Not Three". This album is much more than a dedication to Bob Marley & The Police. ThreePeace also shows their own social conscience on songs such as "Prince William Sound", "Fat Cats", and the modern anthem "Gone Away". The song "Lay My Life Down" with its reggae rock groove is sure to become a ThreePeace Classic. The Band is currently practicing for live gigs which will commence in the fall to coincide with the album release.

(5-19-06) ThreePeace is finishing up the final overdubs on their upcoming album "For The Love of the Rastaman" which will be released in late summer to early fall 2006. ThreePeace will begin live performances in the fall. Check back here for more information on the new album and the live shows. The album has been recorded at Positive Vibrations.

(4-30-06) ThreePeace was featured again Friday on KUAC Fairbanks Alaska. Congratulations to Alaska Jahn for his winning of the Spirit of KUAC Award. To read more about this please visitwww.kuac.org. Check out Alaska Jahn on his show Round' Midnight every Friday night from 10pm-1am Alaska Standard Time. In other news, ThreePeace is featured artists on The Travelin' Bluesman's new album "Songs from the Road Live". This CD is now released and is available at www.cdbaby.com. Check out the Bluesman for authentic one man classic blues.

(4-17-06) ThreePeace will be the first Artists to record at Positive Vibrations Recording Studio In Michigan. Positive Vibrations is a state of the art facility with top notch professionals running the show. The ThreePeace wave of success continues with the album "Empire of the Sun". ThreePeace reports they are about at the half way point of their new album which they now say will be titled, "For the Love of the Rastaman". The "Empire of the Sun" album is now available on your apple ipod through itunes.com (Click Here). ThreePeace is most humbled by the recent success of "Empire of the Sun" and being featured on ITunes.com.

(3-28-06) ThreePeace's Empire of the Sun is now available at Ernie B's Reggae Distribution. Ernie B's is the largest reggae record store in the world. To Visit Ernie B's Reggae Distribution on the web go towww.ebreggae.com .  Thanks to Raul from Ernie B's for his help.  ThreePeace has issued a black Empire of the Sun T-Shirt with a new logo design, you can view this new design on the T-Shirts Page here or at www.cafepress.com.

(3-23-06) ThreePeace has been in the studio for the past month recording the basic tracks for their upcoming release the Pyroclastic Flow. The band has recorded 15 songs and plans to release the best 12. The other tracks will be used as exclusive material for featured radio stations and internet sites.  ThreePeace has recorded versions of Bob Marley's - War & Roots, Rock, Reggae, as well as an acoustic cover of the Police's One World (Not Three) from the Ghost in the Machine Album. They will continue to do overdub sessions on the new project for the next couple of months. The band hopes to have the new album available by late summer to early fall 2006.

(2-27-06)  ThreePeace is currently being featured on The Jammin' Reggae Archives Virtual Radio show at: www.reggaeradio.org. The show is a diverse blend of everything Reggae. ThreePeace is honored and humbled to have been featured along side many of their hero's including Bob Marley. Much thanks to Cyber-DJ Mike Pawka for featuring ThreePeace on the shows. The current show will be streaming for the next week at www.niceup.com, your one stop shop for everything Reggae, and home of the Jammin' Reggae Archives.

(2-20-06)  ThreePeace will be entering the recording studio late this week. They will be in the studio for the next month putting the finishing touches on their current work. Live gigs will be announced in the Spring.

ThreePeace will be featured on KUAC Fairbanks, Alaska on March 3, 2006. The show is aired from 10pm - 1am Alaska Standard Time on www.kuac.org. KUAC has a live internet feed which will allow anyone around the world to listen. Thanks to Alaska Jahn for featuring ThreePeace on his 'Round Midnight Riddims Show.

 ThreePeace was featured on Jammin' Reggae Archives Internet Radio on February 3. They were included as part of a Bob Marley Tribute Show. Thanks to www.niceup.com for featuring "Empire of the Sun" on the show.

ThreePeace Logo Reggae Flag T-Shirts are available at: www.cafepress.com. You can also just click on the ThreePeace Shirts link at the top or side of each page here.

(2-9-06) You can now purchase ThreePeace T-Shirts and other collectibles at www.cafepress.com.

(2-7-06) ThreePeace will be featured on KUAC in Alaska in the month of February. 'Round Midnight Riddims Show with your host Alaska Jahn is heard on  www.kuac.org every other Friday night 10pm-1am Alaska Standard Time. Featuring quality  World music not normally heard on the radio. The Station is heard across Alaska and into Russia by way of repeater stations. Much thanks to Jahn for his consideration on playing ThreePeace. Here is quote from Jahn "I love Reggae music and can't wait to play Empire of the Sun in the Land of the Midnight Sun."

(1-25-06) ThreePeace has been featured on www.stingus.net   The Website is a Sting fan news site about Sting and The Police. You can view this listing at: www.StingUs.Net ThreePeace wishes to thank to Karel Van Isacker for his kind consideration in listing ThreePeace on the StingUs site.

(1-23-06) The ThreePeace Album "Empire of the Sun" is now available World-Wide from www.cdbaby.com/cd/threepeace  The ThreePeace album is currently being distributed to a host of college radio stations and other media outlets. The band is still working away in the studio on their second album. This album will be a mixture of live and studio recordings. ThreePeace would like to thank their fans for putting the website over the 10,000 visitor mark in about 3 months time. 

(1-19-06)  ThreePeace was in the studio on Thursday with The Travelin' Bluesman. Traditionally the Travelin' Bluesman performs solo, with just him and his guitar. ThreePeace is lending a hand on the his new album. The Bluesman's new album will be much like his past project "The Ballad of Gypsy Jack", where he performs songs with just his guitar. However, on his new album he has recorded Three Songs, go figure........With ThreePeace providing solid rock blues jams to give the Bluesman a brand new atmosphere to showcase his genius.........The studio recordings were mind blowing and some of the tracks will appear on the the next ThreePeace CD as well. ThreePeace was blown away to be able to collaborate on a project with the Travelin' Bluesman. You can visit the Travelin' Bluesman on the internet at: www.cdbaby.com (Click Here)

(1-1-06) ThreePeace played a small private New Years Eve Party at Austin's City Limits in Otter Lake, Michigan. It was the first live show where Raul played the Bass, after years of Rhythm Guitar. Leftee was back on the drums. It was a great party and a Live Recording was done. Some of this material could end up on the next album. The Show went so well a summer festival gig has been scheduled. This will be an outdoor live gig in June. Stay tuned for more info on this.......The Band continues to work in the Studio on their second Album tentatively titled "The Pyroclastic Flow".

"Empire of the Sun" Album will be released in the next couple of weeks and will be available at www.cdbaby.com for World-Wide Distribution.

(12/27/05) CD album art approved for the project, now it's off for duplication. Here is the "Empire of the Sun" Album Cover as it will look on release day in January 2006.

(12/21/05) The ThreePeace Album "Empire of the Sun"  will be available from the following Digital Media providers when released in January. Apple i-tunes (Ipod), Loud Eye, Music Net, MP3 Tunes, Music Now, Play Indies, Pure Tracks, Ether Stream, E Music, MSN Music, Music Match, Sony Connect, Buy Music, Bit Munk, Pass Along, Chondo, Rupus, Wrap Factory, Digital Kiosk, Audio Lunchbox, Napster, Tree Tunes, Arvado, Liquid Digital, QTRnote, Next Radio Solutions, Trade Bit, Pay Play, Rhapsody, DigiPie, Net Music, Harissa, Hear Music, Groupie Tunes, Interia. ThreePeace wishes to thank their Entertainment Attorney for securing the distribution.

ThreePeace will be featured on WCBN University of Michigan Campus Radio (Ann Arbor, Michigan) in the month of January. Stay tuned for info here as to the date & time of the broadcast.

(12/15/05) The "Empire of the Sun" Mastering is complete, and the project is now being sent for duplication. The album will be available World wide on cdbaby.com when it is complete. There will be a direct link on this website for purchasing the album. Release date will be announced here, but we anticipate middle January 2006, everything remains on schedule.

(12/05/05) ThreePeace (mp3 soundfiles) have been placed on the website, To listen to a track, just click on the jammin' Rastaman.    on the Lyrics Page. Or from the CD page you can just listen to the track by clicking on the song title. Enjoy! Album Release still on schedule for January 2006. We placed as much of the songs as was allowed by the label. "Woman is the Root of all Evil" is the exception, as the entire mp3 of this song is up.

(12/1/05) ThreePeace will be Re-Releasing "Empire of the Sun" album in middle January 2006 and is currently in Mastering Phase. The album will be available here when it is completed.

(11/30/05) ThreePeace is recovering from the Thanksgiving Turkey. Procrastination got the best of them over the holiday and "Lay Down my Life for You" is still waiting for the finishing touches. That is planned to be recorded later this week. For the foreseeable future Leftee will be playing drums again when ThreePeace is touring and in the Studio. Raul will be playing the Bass Guitar and Guitar.  Big R will be playing the axe as usual. This is a departure from the past year where Mr X was session drummer in the studio and on the road and Leftee played Bass Guitar and Rhythm Guitar. This was the way Big R and Leftee originally played back in the 80's with The Rasta's. Although no work was done on the single from the new album, the band did have a practice this past Sunday to work out the changes. Their first album "Empire of the Sun" is almost complete in the Mastering and will be available here as soon as it's complete. Thanks for your patience on the website, it is a work in progress. Hope to have audio sound files up in the next couple of weeks.

(11-22-05)  ThreePeace is finishing up the first track on their new album this week. The track is called "Lay Down my life". It has a very progressive reggae feel with a Stewart Copeland influenced Drum Track. The Music was written by Big R and the Lyrics were written by Leftee.........Stay Tuned

(11-19-05)  ThreePeace is Currently in the studio working on their second album "For the Love of the Rastaman". They have just entered the studio and will be recording and working on the new album over the winter of 2005-2006 for a summer release in 2006. Their first album "Empire of the Sun" is currently being remastered with the addition of a few live tracks recorded over the past year. There will be updates here with news of either project.